LaMarr Woodley   DE   Michigan



LaMarr is a pass-rushing machine and he might be the best form tackler in this draft.    He shows more quickness than speed, but never stops moving towards the QB until the whistle blows.  He does an excellent job using his hands to keep the O-lineman away from his body.  LaMarr forces his defender into making mistakes in technique and then explodes and takes advantage of those mistakes.  He has very powerful legs and gets most of his push and explosion from his legs.  This allows him to use leverage along with great hand-fighting techniques to beat his man and make the sack.  LaMarr is just waiting to be drafted by the right team that knows how to use his talents. 



LaMarr does not have the perfect size that most scouts like in a defensive end.  He will have to work on his height.  (Maybe he needs to wear lifts to the combine to make himself taller!)  LaMarr also has those long arms, so he needs to continue to work on his upper body strength.  My advice is, “Don’t worry about any of this stuff.  Just draft him and set him loose; he is a pass–rushing machine.”



LaMarr is not your perfect-looking DE.  He is a bit short and is not the best against the run, but there is way too much production in this player’s past to suggest that he is not going to find away to be successful at the next level.  Some will suggest that he fits a 3-4 defensive scheme as an OLB, but I’m not sure he has that type of athleticism.    However, I’m sure that will be discovered at the combine.  I believe he is a pure DE for a 4-3 defense and will get bigger and stronger as he learns more tricks of the trade.  He is a smart kid.  He knows how to set up his defender and understands situational football.  He knows just when to pull the string at the most important part of a game to make big plays.  LaMarr will help the team that drafts him right away.  He will make his presence known and will surprise a lot of people who think he will struggle because he plays now with some pretty good defensive linemen that free him up.  For those of you who think that, I have this to say: look at this kid’s yearly production first and then look to see if those big, strong, young defensive linemen have been on the field while LaMarr was producing all of those years.  Maybe it was LaMarr that made those other defensive linemen look good and not the other way around!  LaMarr’s production has improved every year and his sacks have gone up this year over last year, so all I can say is “Won’t he be playing with good D-linemen at the next level?”  The interesting issue for me is whether or not LaMarr has the ability to be moved to the MLB position at the next level.  He is such a good tackler and is so smart that you have to wonder if he can be another Jeremiah Trotter?  Either way, you got yourself a hell of a player in LaMarr Woodley so just draft him and worry about the other stuff later. 

Drew Boylhart