LaRon Landry   S/CB   LSU



LaRon has excellent size, strength and speed for his position.  He is a very smart player who shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better.  He has the athleticism to play more than one position in the defensive backfield and shows some very good one-on-one coverage skills.  LaRon does a solid job tackling and is very aggressive when taking on blocks, shedding them and making a tackle.  LaRon has talents that might make him a candidate to be moved to the CB position at the next level. 



LaRon will be worked out at the combine to see if he has the talent to be just a zone CB or a man-to-man coverage CB.  Either way, this, along with his Safety experience, will make LaRon a very valuable draft pick. 



LaRon is a very talented player.  In this draft, he could be picked as high as Michael Huff and Donte Whitner were picked in the 2006 draft.  That means it would not surprise me to see him picked in the top ten.  LaRonís talent and leadership skills at the safety position alone make him as valuable as those two players.  Add to that his potential to be moved to the CB position and I would have to say he might be more valuable.  Players like LaRon lack one thing and one thing only when it comes to the draft.  They are so good at their positions that they get overlooked.  They do things so well that they do not draw attention to themselves.  They donít jump up and down and scream after they do their job and make a tackle or intercept a ball.  This year, teams stayed away from LaRon and it made it harder for him to be noticed, so he has to go to the combine and remind scouts how talented he is.  When he does, you will see teams start to talk about him.  I feel he will be a top ten pick in this draft.  LaRon is athletic and smart, which is a combination to build your defensive backfield around. 

Drew Boylhart