Lawrence Timmons   LB   Florida St



Lawrence has good size, speed and athletic talent to play his position.   He has a good burst and shows decent quickness.  Lawrence has solid change of direction skills and is a strong tackler.  He shows leadership skills in his play and can blitz and pressure the QB when it is needed.  Lawrence has excellent potential and reminds me a little bit of LaVar Arrington (LB Garden St. Giants). 



Lawrence has to improve his mental strength and on the field intelligence to become the player his talents suggest that he can become.  Right now, he is living off his natural athleticism.  He has to improve his work ethic and he has to improve his techniques when defending against the run.  Most of the time, it is very hard for a player like Lawrence to realize that his athleticism is not enough to make him successful at the next level.  Sometimes it can take years and for most players like Lawrence, it can take forever!



Lawrence has excellent talent to play at the next level, but as most of you members know by now, it takes more than talent to play at the next level.  Lawrence reminds me a lot of LaVar Arrington who to this day still refuses to learn his assignment, still takes false steps and is forever suckered in on play action.  To be successful, Lawrence is going to have to work hard to improve his techniques in the run game.  He is marginal at best at the college level.  He is good at attacking the line of scrimmage and, as we all know, if a coach uses a sic em defense, then Lawrence will be a hero to the media.   A sic em defense is when you just let your OLB attack and get into the backfield on every play.  He has one assignment and one assignment only - get into the backfield as fast as you can through an assigned gap.  Now, if someone uses Lawrence that way at first until he starts to learn to be a good player, then he will impact; however, if you think that you are going to draft Lawrence and put him on the field and he is going to learn through repetitions to be an all around LB, then you are mistaken.  Its not going to happen!  Lawrence does not understand the big picture of how to play his position.  He has gotten by on his athleticism so far and he will continue to try and take that easier path to success unless someone makes him earn a starting position.  Lawrence is going to have to first realize this weakness for himself and then want to work harder than he has ever done before to improve.   He has 1st round athletic talent, but at this point, his mental game is about the level of a 3rd or 4th rounder and Im not sure he has the type of work ethic that is going to be needed to improve.  Right now, he is the type of player that will start his career with a big bang and end it with a whimper.

Drew Boylhart