LeíRon McClain   FB   Alabama



LeíRon has strong athletic talent to work with.  He is a great straight-line run blocker and does a solid job catching the ball out of the backfield.  LeíRon does a good job leading the RB into the hole and looks like he has decent footwork when he concentrates.  He likes the contact, which is a good thing for a run-blocking FB.  LeíRon plays on the Alabama special teams units; this will help him when draft time comes around. 



LeíRonís never met a false start that he didnít like.  He has decent talent to run the ball, but he also has some unique ways of fumbling the ball.  During the season, he was either wearing a flack jacket or is not in very good shape.  



This program had a coach that was trying to clean it up and instead of backing him, they fired him.  Mike Shula suspended about seven players at one time or another during the season.  I would have expected at that time that LeíRon would have stepped up his game a notch or two and showed what type of player his talent suggests he could be.  I did not see anything like that happen during the season.  I know that LeíRon is going to show to everyone when he works out what good talent he has, but remember, it takes more than talent to play at the next level and LeíRon has a long way to go in character, intelligence and passion before I feel he could even walk out on a field for me.  LeíRon was as inconsistent a player as I have ever seen and cost his team some games with his lack of concentration.  Thatís a problem in my book -- talent or now talent!

Drew Boylhart