Levi Brown   OT/OG   Penn St



Levi has good size for his position.  He does a solid job blocking for the run and shows enough quickness in his feet to be used on pulling plays.  He also does a good job getting to the next level to block a linebacker.  Levi shows strong mental toughness and some leadership skills.  He has potential at the next level to be a good, solid starter for the team that drafts him. 



Where should I start?  First of all, he is not a LT for the next level.  He lacks the lateral agility and heís overweight.  Not to mention that for a kid who has played LT for three years or more, his pass blocking techniques are very poor.   He lunges, gets off balance and just does an overall poor job pass blocking. 



I donít know why this kid is rated so high.  I guess itís because heís played LT at a big program for three years, which, to me, means nothing.  I know that he is fighting a slight knee injury, but Iíve watched him for three years and I believe that for the next level he can play guard, but not OT.  If he loses some weight, he might be able to play RT, but even that is a stretch.  My question is this:  Is he quick enough to play LG?  I think he can if he loses some weight and is willing to work really hard; however, I just donít see it right now on film and I have a lot of questions about Levi being rated so high.  If you take him in the 4th or 5th rounds with the anticipation that he will play guard for you, then I have no problems at all.  But if you draft him in one of the first three rounds thinking he is going to be a tackle and, in time, your left tackle, then I think you are setting the kid up to fail.  He could be a solid guard and maybe a Pro Bowl LG, but it will take time and he has to lose weight.  My feeling is that if a kid is gaining weight in college, more than likely, heíll gain weight also once he receives a big paycheck.  Levi can be a solid to very good guard in the NFL.  He reminds me of Jonas Jennings (LT San Francisco 49ers.)  When Jonas was with the Buffalo Bills, I always felt that he should have been moved into guard.  He was injured all the time and in most games, was over-matched.  He moved on, made a ton of money but is still having injury problems to this day.  As a left guard, he would have been a Pro Bowl player and most likely had less shoulder injuries.  Of course, Jonas would have made less money and I guess thatís really what it is all about!

Drew Boylhart