Lorenzo Booker   RB/WR   Florida St



Lorenzo is very fast and very quick.  He is an all-purpose back that can play more than one position.  He shows a good burst, vision in the hole and can turn the corner and take it all the way in a flash if you do not string him out.  Lorenzo shows strong hands coming out of the backfield and will make you miss in the open field if you make a little mistake when you go to tackle him.  Lorenzo is a match-up problem that can help the team that drafts him as a RB, Slot WR, Kick Returner and Punt Returner.



Lorenzo does not look like he can add more bulk to his frame and if he is used in the backfield as a RB, Iím not sure how well he can take the pounding that he will have to take to make an impact.  He needs to improve his blocking to be considered a third down back because right now, his blocking leaves a lot to be desired.



I think for Lorenzo to impact at the next level, he should be moved to the SWR position or slot receiver.  Lorenzo is the type of player that does not have to be on the field that much to impact because of his speed.  In fact, if he is on the field too much you run the chance of him getting injured.  He must stay injury free to impact; however, he does not have to be on the field for every down to impact.  Lorenzo has Reggie Bush talent, that same all-purpose talent; however, because of his lack of size and strength, he will most likely be limited to just playing the slot at the next level and not multiple positions like Reggie does.  Lorenzo reminds me a lot of Santana Moss (WR Redskins) and Roscoe Parrish (WR Bills) and if he can stay healthy, he should be able to impact in a few years like those two players do for their teams.  It will take some time.  Remember my saying, you canít teach speed, but you do have to teach players how to use their speed. 

Drew Boylhart