Manuel Ramirez   OG   Texas Tech



Manuel is a very strong, quick-out-of-his-stance guard who shows good pass defense skills because of the offense he plays in.  He does a good job blocking in space for his size and looks like he has agile feet in a small space.  Manuel shows some leadership qualities through his play.  Although Manuel does not really fit the offensive system that he was a part of for his college team, he did a good job and is a fighter.  In the right system, Manuel should help the team that drafts him right away at the right guard position.   His talents translate well to a play action vertical passing game offense for the next level.     



Manual has had some injuries this year and that, along with him being in a spread offense, makes it hard to profile him for the next level.  His injuries are directly related to the offensive system that he was in.  He is not really athletic enough to play in a spread offense at the next level.  Iím not sure how well Manuel can be used as a pulling guard, but if he works out and proves that he can play in that system, he will move up the charts.    



If Manual shows that he can be used as a pulling guard and if he is athletic enough to go out to the next level and block a LB, then he will move up in this draft. If he proves that he can play the center position also, then he moves up even more.  These workouts and the upcoming all-star games will be very important to Manuel.  As is, Manuel should be a solid right guard.  If he proves to have better feet, better lateral agility and shows that he is even quicker out of his stance than heís shown me, then he will move up because of his strength.  If he can play the center position at all, I think he could really move up fast.  He has the size, strength and natural leverage to play that position -- Iím just not sure if he has ever done it in the past.  This is a perfect example of an offensive system possibly affecting a playerís ability to play at the next level in a negative way.  You donít see that often, but in this case, I believe it has happened.  This kid rates as a big time sleeper.

Drew Boylhart