Marcus McCauley   CB   Fresno St



Marcus has a ton of natural talent.  He shows good speed and quickness to go along with excellent size.  Marcus does a solid job in man-to-man coverage and has been one of the core players of his college team.  He is a good zone coverage DB and is a fearless tackler.  Marcus has excellent size and bulk -- add this to his natural athletic talent and you have a CB with the potential to dominate at the next level. 



Mentally, Marcus is as squirrelly as they come.  It seems like he is confused and afraid to make mistakes.  This is the worst problem for a CB to have.   



There is no doubt about this kid’s talent.  He has it all athletically.  But a CB has to be aggressive and not be afraid to make mistakes.  He has to be able to forget when he gets beat and step his game up when he is challenged.  Marcus has not shown me that he is able to do any of these things.  Right now, Marcus plays off his man way too far in zone coverage and looks lost in man-to-man coverage.  He does not trust his own talent and techniques.  Mentally, Marcus will not be able to handle the pressure of a top CB in the NFL.  He has the talent and the size to dominate at the next level, but if he is drafted too high and forced to go on the field too quickly, he will fail.  Bring him along slowly and he just might be able to turn into a top CB.  Remember, when he starts to workout at the combine, this is the type of kid that is going to put up some really impressive numbers.  Once this happens, the coaches will start to make excuses for his non-aggressive play on the field this year, which is exactly how a player gets taken too early in the draft and is labeled a “bust”.  Talent must match-up with mental toughness to rate a player as a first round draft pick.  At least that’s the way I think about the first round. 

Drew Boylhart