Marcus Thomas   DT   Florida



Marcus is a good, quick 1-gap DT that does well against the run.  He has very good lateral agility and is a good tackler.  Marcus loves to rush the passer from his DT position and make the big play.  In most cases, he is a much better athlete than the players he is up against and really at this point of his career, has been able to do whatever he wants to do on the field whenever he wants to do it.  Athletically, Marcus has first round talent.  He reminds me a lot of Tank Johnson (DT Chicago Bears) on and off the field and comes into the NFL draft with a resume’ equal to Tank’s on and off the field. 



Marcus does not have the mental or physical stamina to play an eight-game schedule much less a sixteen game schedule in the NFL!  He is another player that is on a self-destructive path, which, until he decides not to follow that path, I suspect that he will be useless to anyone who drafts him.  Marcus lacks respect for authority, his teammates, school and parents. 



The Bears drafted Tank and he had as many red flags coming into the league as Marcus does, so what makes anyone think for one minute that Marcus won’t be drafted also?  The NFL talks a good game, but it does not play a good game when it comes to the character issue.  So, look for this kid to be drafted because the one good thing about the NFL is, it does not discriminate against players who are clueless.  Let’s add up this kid’s score out of a possible 40 points on the Drew-Meter. Character = 0, Intelligence = 0, Passion = 0, Talent = 8, Total = 8 points.  That’s lower than the Merriweather kid’s score!  What do you think the odds are that both of these kids (Merriweather & Thomas) will be drafted?  I say no matter what the baggage is and as long as they are not in jail (no, check that) as long as they are alive (no, check that) well…you get my drift -– they will be drafted. 

Drew Boylhart