Mark Zalewski   LB   Wisconsin



Mark is a complete LB that can play all three LB positions in any kind of defense in which you ask him to contribute.  He has good size and speed; heís an excellent head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He is smart and makes the players around him better.  He shows leadership and coach-like qualities when he plays on the field.  Mark is an excellent strong-side LB and is also an excellent middle LB.  He will meet, greet and shed an offensive lineman in the whole and make the tackle.  He uses his hands very well, is strong and plays with excellent techniques and balance and does not miss tackles.  Mark is the type of player that you draft and build your defense around.  He will be a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.



Mark has good speed, but does lack that impact burst that you see in the flashy impact players.  This, in no way, will affect his abilities to impact on the field for the team that drafts him because he has excellent intelligence and instincts; however, it might keep him out of the first round.  Mark doesnít have an agent that is pushing behind the scenes for him and marketing him.  He also doesnít play for a coach that is in to promoting his players just to see how many he can get drafted in the first day to help his own personal recruiting.  Mark is a quality kid and a talented player; but in this new NFL, those characteristics seem to be big negatives. 



Mark is going to be an excellent LB at the next level.  He might be an LB that is overlooked playing the game, but not when you look at the stats after the game is over.  He is not a flashy kind of guy because he is always in the right place and doesnít make many mistakes, so he doesnít have to recover and make the great play on a play he made a mistake on in the first place.  Mark will start for the team that drafts him right away.  He will make players around him better and he will gain their respect the third time he puts them in the right position to make a play.  His teammates will get up off the ground from making a tackle, look for Mark and point to him because they know he is the one that saw the play coming all the way.  Mark is one of the few every-down LBís in this draft.  He understands situational football and like I said before, he is like a coach on the field.  Mark (Z-Man) Zalewski will be an excellent LB for the team that drafts him.  He will not be a flashy two-down LB that comes from a big southern school that so many in this draft seem to feel is what the LB position is all about.  We have about five or six of those guys in this draft and I would take Mark Zalewski and Stewart Bradley (LB Nebraska) over those guys any day of the week.  In fact, Iíd take Prescott Burgess (Michigan) and Tim Shaw (Penn St) over those guys any day of the week.  Although I do like the Siler kid out of Florida, he should be pretty good.  But what do I know Iím just looking at film?!    

Drew Boylhart