Martrez Milner   TE   Georgia
Martrez has as much 1st round athletic talent as any TE in this draft.  He has good size and speed and shows great quickness.  When he concentrates, he can catch the ball as well as any of the top 1st round TEs in this draft.  So why isnt he being considered as a first day TE? 
Martrez is a pure tweener all the way.  He would rather be a WR than a TE.  He does not like to block and is not a team-oriented type of player.  He only wants to catch the ball and make the big play.  Of course this makes him inconsistent in all phases of his game. 
I believe that the only person that Martrez will listen to is his agent.  An agent that is telling him that TEs who block do not make the big time money so its a waste of time learning and being successful at blocking.  The agent is right and, as long as Martrez is only interested in money, I would not be interested in him.  What can I say?  The agent is not wrongthe facts are the facts!  The problem is that the agent forgot to tell Martrez that you have to be consistent in catching the ball and cannot follow a great play with a bad play.  Martrez reminds me a lot of Jeremy Stevens, the very talented, but markedly inconsistent and selfish TE for the Seattle Seahawks.  Until Martrez understands that football is not a one-dimensional game played by players who only care about their fantasy league stats and not about winning -- for me personally, hes a player that I would have a very hard time drafting.  Wait until his first contract is up and then see if he has grown up.  Martrez has first day talent married to a Me!  Me! attitude and that makes a 6th round talent grade seem about right for him.  Im sure after his workouts and interviews that teams will pick him in the third or fourth round because of a smart agent who will know how to work the system like a lobbyist works the Washington politicians.   For the members of THR, you will have the luxury of the value board and the talent board.  When the draft comes and some team picks Martrez - for you members it will be like watching a car crash right in front of your eyes in slow motion.  The benefit for you, providing it is not your team picking, is that you will not be involved. 

Drew Boylhart