Matt Muncy   LB   Ohio



Matt has good size and speed along with some very strong change of direction skills to play the MLB position in any kind of defense at the next level.  He is a solid tackler, shows leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  Matt has good strength, is a smart player and has the athletic ability to play more than one linebacker position for the team that drafts him.  Matt is a sleeper LB in this draft, but he is one of the better LB’s in this draft.



Matt will have to get used to the speed at the next level and will have to step his game up mentally; however, in a few years, he should be starting for the team that drafts him. 



Matt has third round talent, but he will not get drafted in the first day of this draft.  The level of competition will be the big excuse that will be used, but Matt is a first rate player.  I have been waiting for his pro day numbers because he was not invited to the combine and I have learned over the years that players in the MAC (unless they are QB’s) are not thought of very highly and struggle to produce in the NFL.  I noticed Matt when his team played against Rutgers and I was very impressed.  I felt. at that time, that he had plenty of athletic talent to play at the next level; however, I was cautious and wanted to wait.  Here are his pro day numbers – 6’0” 242 lbs, 4.52 - 40yd / 1.56 – 10yd / 4.22 – SS / 7.18 – 3 cone / 26 – 225 reps.  Those numbers are comparable to any LB in this draft.  Let’s add to that 115 TT / 9TFL / 2.5 sacks / 6 pass break ups.  If you never saw him play on film, you still have to agree with me - level of competition or not - those are some pretty impressive numbers and as I said before, very comparable athletically to any LB in this draft.  Add to all of those numbers this kid’s character, intelligence and passion to play the game and the only negative that I see is the level of competition issue.  So, you ask me…why wasn’t this kid invited to the combine and do you really think that he is not as good or better than some of the bigger school LB’s?  Matt is not on anyone’s radar right now and if his pro day numbers go unnoticed, then it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes undrafted.  In spite of that, I think the team that signs this kid is going to get themselves a starter and a core player as soon as Matt gets up to speed mentally.  The speed and the mental on-the fly decision making that a linebacker at the NFL level has to be able to make to be successful are the key questions that Matt will have to answer.  The truth is that all the LB’s in this draft have to answer those very same issues, but it is more of a jump for the MAC players to deal with than the players from the bigger colleges.  That’s just a fact!  I just have a gut feeling that Matt can handle it and if he is still on the board in the last round, picking Matt instead of a kid looking at jail time seems to make a lot of sense to me. 

Drew Boylhart