Matt Trannon   WR   Michigan St



Matt is a strong power WR with big hands who is still just learning the position.  He is a smart kid that has been playing more than one sport, but has finally settled on football as his main course to wealth and fame.  He shows real quickness, solid speed and heís a monster for a CB to tackle in the open field.  Matt knows how to use his body to shield his opponent from getting to the ball and will fight in a crowd.  He has good agility and body control when he goes up in the air after a pass.  This is a player that in a few years is going to be a match-up nightmare for defensive coordinator.  He is too big for most CBís and safeties to handle one-on-one and too quick off the line for the average LB to handle in the slot. 



Right now, Matt is a basketball player playing football.  As soon as he concentrates on football and learns his position better mentally, he is going to be a hell of a player.  Matt must learn to catch the ball with his hands all the time.  Sometimes he gets a little lazy and lets the ball get into his body, which is when he drops the ball.  I donít think this is a big problem -- he just needs the repetitions and concentration that should come the more he plays one sport. 



Matt has the same potential coming out in this draft as Antonio Gates (TE San Diego Chargers) did when he came out.  Matt is not the blocker that Antonio is and might settle at the WR position rather than the TE position, but when he runs his routes and catches the ball, he reminds me a lot of Antonio.  He uses his body in the passing game a lot like Antonio does and as soon as he improves using his hands to catch the ball all the time he should have the same type of impact for his team as Antonio has had for his team.  If Matt gets much bigger, he could be moved to the TE position; but for right now, he is a WR and for the purposes of this draft, I consider him a potential developing impact player for the team that drafts him.  I like this kidís potential and the fact that he played basketball and received passes from an inconsistent QB set him back in his development.  Remember, I look for my sleepers in the big schools and Matt, in my opinion, is a big time sleeper for this draft. 

Drew Boylhart