Melvin Bullitt   S   Texas A&M
Melvin has excellent size, strength and speed to play his position.  He shows strong change of direction skills and is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  Melvin is just starting to learn his position, but every time I saw him play this year, he improved.  His improvement this year from last year is not tied to just changing the defense from last year and taking advantage of his natural talents. Melvin improved in pass coverage and, I believe, with good coaching and experience, he will become a fan favorite and a core player for the team that drafts him.  Melvin is a developmental safety with excellent athletic talent and should be a hell of a special teams player. 
Melvin needs time and good coaching and should be drafted by a team that uses a two deep zone safety defense.  I suspect that he will develop into the type of safety that can be used in any style defense, but for his first contract, he needs to be in the right defense for him to learn and impact. 
Melvin has the talent to go along with passion and character and now he needs to develop the on-field intelligence to play his position.  Once he develops this and starts to react more than think, he should become a solid player at the next level.  This will come with good coaching, repetitions and confidence.  Until Melvin develops fully as a safety, he should be an excellent special teams player because of his tackling abilities and athleticism.  Iím not sure if Melvin will be drafted or picked as a rookie free agent, but this kid should be a good solid pick on the second day of this draft.  Teams that have some extra picks in the last round would be smart to invest one in a player who should be an excellent special teams player as he develops into a possible starting safety.  Of course, the other option is the later rounds is to draft a different kid  -- one that is developing into a good inmate that the correction officers in jail will appreciate.  After all, correction officers watch football too and picking a talented player who has a record with the authorities would be one way for the officers to personally meet some of the future stars of the NFL. 

Drew Boylhart