Michael Griffin   S   Texas



Michael has good size and speed and can be a solid tackler when he uses proper form.  He shows an excellent burst when blitzing the QB and can cover a lot of ground in the backfield when defending.  He reminds me a lot of Adam Archuleta (S Washington Redskins).  Michael has been a very important player for his college team and has done everything that has been asked of him.  He has been a part of a big successful college program and that is not to be taken lightly.   



For a player that has played as much as Michael has, Iím surprised at his lack of instincts and how many false steps he takes.  These issues will kill him at the next level.  Michael over-runs his tackles and plays out of control way too much for an experienced safety.  I also believe that Michael eventually might be a better CB than a safety at the next level.  Of course he has to play smarter than he is right now and display much more discipline in his overall play. 



Michael looks like a good kid that has been caught in a situation where more is expected of him than he can produce.  This is not his fault.  Michael is a solid player for the next level, but I do not believe he will be an impact player -- at least not right away.  He will be very helpful at first in a nickel-dime package because I think he has some hidden cover skills.  He just needs to settle down and not feel he has to do everything.  He shows a good burst going forward, but is slow with his hip-flip when he gets fooled covering TEís and WRís.  I believe he has the talent, but heís using the wrong technique.  When he gets beat and turns to run, he keeps his head looking back to the line of scrimmage and into the backfield.  He must learn to turn his head and look at the receiver and then read the WR on when to turn his head.  Now either Michael has never been taught this or he has been taught this and allowed to play anyway.  Take your pick, but both are unacceptable to me.  Here are your choices:  1) The player is too stubborn or dumb to learn; or  2) The coaches are not coaching well and are accepting mistakes that are made over and over again because they won last year and have a year to coast.  Iím taking the second excuse; however, either way, it makes Michaelís LTI longer to impact or start at the next level.

Drew Boylhart