Michael Johnson   S   Arizona 


Michael is a smooth safety with excellent athletic talent to play at the next level.  He shows good hands to intercept the ball and has solid cover skills.  He is big enough to handle TEís and those big WRís one-on-one and shows leadership skills.  It looks like Mike has the speed to play as a single free safety and he shows solid change of direction skills with an adequate burst to recover from mistakes and make a play.  He is very smart and understands the game within the game.  Mike has been playing the strong safety position for his team and injuries have been a problem.  For the next level, this kid would be a dynamite FS and should be moved to that position as soon as you draft him.



He really needs to stop getting injured.  Although he tries hard to play through those injuries, if he continues to play the Strong Safety position, I donít think he will be on the field enough to impact.  The last couple of games I saw him try to play he had a leg injury, but he was still out there leading his team and doing what he could. 



Michael has very good talent, but because of his injuries and changing positions, Iíll put him as third round talent.  He reminds me a little bit of Troy Vincent (former CB/FS Philadelphia Eagles).  He really has the same type of talent, but Michael doesnít shy away from contact like Vincent did.  Michael doesnít have the lateral quickness that Vincent had.  On the other hand, Michael is a much better tackler, which is a good thing if you want to play at the next level.  At the free safety position, Michael should have more chances to intercept the ball, which is where he will impact the most for the team that drafts him.  Add to this his good leadership skills along with his size and long legs and you have a potential impact FS for the team that drafts him.     

Drew Boylhart