Mike Jones   OG   Iowa



Mike is an excellent offensive lineman with the leadership skills that you look for and the strength and athletic talent that is needed to be an impact offensive lineman at the next level.  He shows good technique in blocking for the pass and run.  He has a bit of a nasty streak, but he keeps it under control when he is on the field and does not commit an abundance of penalties.  He demonstrates mental toughness.  Mike has played both tackle positions for his college team and he does a good job, but his impact position at the next level will be at one of the guard positions.  Mike looks to me like he could play right away for the team that drafts him and become a Pro Bowl left guard in the near future.  He reminds me of Steve Hutchinson (LG Minnesota Vikings).   



Mike is going to have to improve his foot quickness and become more consistent with his techniques.  He has been moved around so much that he just needs to stay in one position and get better consistency.  I have no doubts about his ability to improve and start very quickly for the team that drafts him. 



Mike is not as consistent with his techniques as Steve was when he came out, but he will be every bit as good.  Everything will depend on how his combine workouts are perceived and how quick his 10 yd and shuttle times are.  These times will show if Mike can play in any kind of offensive system or if he is limited athletically to a system that does not use its guards to pull.  Either way in my book, this is a kid who is just going to add so much to your offensive line that a team in this draft in need of a plug in left guard should jump at him as quickly as possible.  Mike is rated as a second day pick as of this writing, but that should change after the combine.  If not, some team is going to get a hell of a player in the second day of the draft. 

Drew Boylhart