Paul Williams   WR   Fresno St



Paul has excellent athletic talent, speed, size and good, soft hands to play his position.  Athletically, Paul is exactly what the NFL is looking for in its WRís.  He shows good quickness in and out of his routes and has the speed to go deep and catch the ball with ease.  Paul has had a good college career and by his play on the field, shows leadership qualities.  As a WR on a football field, there is nothing that he canít do or accomplish if he wants to.  Paul has the talent to be a #1 WR for the team that drafts him.  The problem might be that Paul doesnít want that kind of responsibility.    



As far as I can tell, Paul does not like to run the underneath routes or those pesky over the middle routes.  He also doesnít feel that a WRís job is to block for the running game.  When things get real tough, Paul doesnít feel the need to show up.  



Paul has 1st round talent married to a 5th round heart.  He is the type of WR that will break your heart just as soon as you start to depend on him.  A smart coach will use him during the season and when the playoffs come around, have someone else in the wings ready to take his reps.  Paul will put the numbers up against weaker opponents, but as soon as some CB hits him once or twice, Paul will disappear.  He will be a good fantasy WR, but not a winning WR.  Some scouts, coaches and fans will be taken in by Paulís athleticism and his stats, but I know that you never win with a player like Paul on your team unless he finds it in himself:  a work ethic that he never knew he had.  It might happen, I have seen it happen.  Iím sure that Paul will be taken on the first day of this draft because of his talent and the possibility that he will find that hidden work ethic and toughness.  One thing I will say for Paul is, that most of the time a player with this type of talent is able to hide the fact that he doesnít have the work ethic and is not a tough player; however, Paul, all of this year, seemed to take pride in making most of his teammates and coaches and people like myself realize this just in time.  Maybe Paul had a personal or medical problem and that is his excuse for not playing hard this year.  Whatever his excuse may be for not blocking or running the underneath routes or just being a weapon for his team to use this year, I hope he has a good one because to waste talent like this is just a shame.

Drew Boylhart