Quentin Moses   DE   Georgia


Quentin has good size for his position.  He shows a good burst off the line to go along with some excellent overall talent to cause LTís big problems when he rushers the passer.   He has those nice long legs and arms that make it easier for a pass rusher to cover ground in one or two steps and be in the QBís face without much effort.   Quentin has the athletic talent to impact at the next level.



Well, he may have the athletic talent to impact, but he sure as hell does not have the heart, mental strength, physical strength or need to impact at the next level.  Other than those issues, I guess he's not that bad!



This kid reminds me of Eric Flowers!  Who?!  Yeah, thatís right, Eric Flowers.  Now we all remember Eric Flowers right?   The Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 2000 draft selected him.  He was the 26th pick of that draft.  Quentin plays the same uninspired way.  He has decent talent, but his body does not look like he can gain much bulk and he is weak against the run even now at the college level.  Iím not sure Quentin really wants to play at the next level.  Iím sure he wants the money, but I donít think he wants the pain.  Itís a shame to see a kid with this much talent not produce in his last year.  I have not heard about any injuries or any other issues that might be used as an excuse for his poor play, but to be honest, it wouldn't matter -Ė he just doesnít have it!  If Quentin changes his ways, he might become a good situational pass rusher, but I just donít think that he will ever be that good against the run.   

Drew Boylhart