Quincy Black   LB   New Mexico



Quincy has excellent size, strength and speed for his position.  He is a head up, wrap-up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He has very good change of direction skills and is excellent at defending against the pass.  Quincy has that explosion that you look for in an LB and he can run down just about any RB or WR you throw at him.  Heís a smart player and shows me on film a lot of leadership potential.  Right now, Quincy is a player that no one is talking about.  The reason for this is that he plays a position that is kind of a hybrid S/OLB and not many people understand what is required of Quincy.  Most people question if Quincy just freelances or if he has actual assignments and responsibilities.  Quincy reminds me a lot of Donnie Edwards (LB San Diego Chargers).    



Iím not sure what his straight-line speed is at this point and he will take a little time to fit into a position, but this kid is very talented and, as of this writing, is one of the best kept secrets of this draft.    



Quincy has first round athletic talent, but Iím going to be a little picky and rate him as second round talent because Iím not sure of his straight line speed.  His LTI might be a little longer because, unless a team really needs an OLB right away, it might take some time for Quincy to impact.  This could all change after the combine, so be aware that I still have some questions yet to be answered about Quincy.  I like what I see on the field and if his straight line speed jumps out at you (like I think it will), then you will see Quincy jump, leap and bound up the value board really fast -- like a comet!  If his speed is just average or less, he most likely will be a second day pick and although he might still be a hell of a player, it would make him project as less than an impact player.  The combine will be everything for this kid.  Most of the time this isnít true, but I think for Quincy, if he doesnít have any character issues, the combine is his ticket to make himself a lot of money.  I like him -- I think he is going to be a hell of a player even without the combine numbers, but we shall see.

Drew Boylhart