Quinn Pitcock   DT   Ohio St


Quinn Pitcock is your typical blue-collar DT that will attempt to play any way his coaches ask him to play.  He is a strong kid with good lateral movement to stuff the run in a 2-gap defensive system and is a good fit to play DE in a 3-4 system.  Quinn does a good job getting pressure on the QB because he uses his hands well and keeps leverage against his opponent.  He handles the double team well physically and mentally.  Quinn understands his position very well.  He understands and accepts the concept of “taking up space” and how it helps his team to be successful.  Quinn shows me on tape that he is an excellent teammate and his skills translate very well to the next level.    



Quinn is not the most athletic DT that I’ve ever seen, but he gets the job done because of his mental strength and maturity.  He will have to bulk up and get even stronger to handle a 2-gap system at the next level, but I have no doubt that he will.  Right now, he struggles with his feet and change of direction when he shoots the gap; however, I feel certain he’ll improve in that area as well. 



Quinn has the potential to play in any kind of defensive front, but it will take some time for him to improve himself athletically.  Mentally, he’s ready and that is the first big step for a DT coming out of college.  Most DT’s projected to be drafted in the early rounds of the draft struggle mentally with the fact that they go from being the focal point of a defense to being a “worker bee” in a defense in the NFL.  Everyone else on the defense gets the credit and the stats.  In the NFL, most DT’s start the play and “take up space” so that others can get the credit.  There are some exceptions, but not many.  Quinn will need to get bigger and stronger and as he does, he should be able to rotate into the defensive line and quietly give you a defense that is very strong defending against the run.  As he gains some experience, he will be a solid pass rusher that gives your team a good push up the middle.  Those 3-4 teams will be looking at Quinn to play DE and then move inside on third downs.  I’ll just bet the Steelers will be looking really hard at Quinn because he would fit that style and mold of D-linemen nicely.   Quinn is a solid pick in this draft and should become a core player for the team that drafts him.  As far as being a fan favorite, we’ll hope that the fans of the team that drafts him will be smart enough to appreciate him.

Drew Boylhart