Reggie Nelson   FS/CB   Florida



Reggie is a ball-hawking FS who is quick more than he is fast.  He shows me on film that he is very smart, has good instincts and knows how to bait a QB into an interception.  He is a solid tackler and looks like he has some leadership skills through his play on the field.  Reggie reminds me a lot of Ed Reed (S Baltimore Ravens).  He has that same ability to come up with the big play at the most opportune times of a game.  He is very good when he keeps the play in front of him and works well with his CBís in zone coverage.  Reggie is a playmaker who should help on special teams and in making interceptions in nickel-dime packages for the team that drafts him right away. 



Reggie has the physical body suited more to the CB position than the safety position.   The lack of bulk to take the pounding that a starting safety takes in the NFL is a big concern.  His body type does not lend itself to being able to increase his bulk without losing his speed and quickness.  He will be worked out at the CB position, but Iím not convinced he has the hip-flip and lateral agility to play man-to-man coverage at the next level; however, he should be fine in a zone coverage scheme.  Reggie will also have problems covering and tackling TEís at the next level without getting injured from the safety position. 



The big concern is:  how many games can Reggie play without getting injured?  His talent is first round, but his body type for the position might move him to the 2nd round.  Iím not sure he can be a sixteen game starter in the NFL and this will cause problems.  Maybe Iím being too picky.  Reggie is such a good playmaker that, for me, personally, that has to override the possible injury factor.  The truth is, if Reggie shows true CB skills, then those skills would most likely move him up to a possible top fifteen pick in my mind for this draft.  There is no doubt that he can play the game.  There is no doubt that he is smart or that he plays with passionÖthe only nagging concern is whether or not he can stay on the field at the safety position for sixteen games.  To that I say, ďDraft him and COACH BETTER!Ē  If he shows the speed to be a sideline to sideline single free safety, then we have a winner.  So the one thing to look for with Reggie in his workouts will be how fast is he.  Does he have 4.30 to 4.40 speed or is he a 4.60 player?  For me, personally, his playmaking skills alone make him a 1st round talent and I say draft him and figure the other stuff out later on.  He will be a recurring nightmare to the opposing offensive coordinator and QB -- thatís why I call him Reggie (Nightmare) Nelson.

Drew Boylhart