Robert Meachem   WR   Tennessee



Robert has good size, strength and speed for his position.  He has great hands, will go after the ball in the air and fight for it.  Robert shows decent quickness to go along with his speed and runs fine routes.  He reminds me a lot of Rod Smith (WR Denver Broncos).  He has that same type of quiet efficiency, mental strength and dependability to his game.  Robert is a franchise WR.  He is a WR you can build your passing game around.  He has the speed to get deep, the size and strength to avoid being knocked off his route, the brains to adjust his route on the fly, the soft hands to catch the ball, the quickness in and out of his breaks and the “leadership by example” qualities that you look for in a franchise WR.  He is a worker with talent just like Rod Smith was. 



More than anything else, Robert needs to build confidence in himself and his game on the field.  This will come with repetitions and experience and should not be a big problem. 



Robert is a hard worker and every time I saw him play this year, he improved from the game before.  He improved doing the little things.  He started to get lower when blocking, he was quicker off the line, he ran his routes with just a little bit more precision than the game before and he did all of this in spite of the QB position that was erratic to say the least.  Robert is a franchise WR because of his talent and work ethic on the field.  He is the only WR in this draft that improved from game to game and still is learning; I don’t believe he’s in for a shock at the next level.  If Robert works out well at the combine, you are going to see some teams rate him above Calvin Johnson because, even though he is still learning the position, his game is more mature at this stage than Calvin’s is and he has as much athletic ability to impact as Calvin does.  Personally, for me, Calvin and Robert will be in my top ten picks of this draft -- that’s how good their potential is to impact at the next level.  I don’t know at what pick in this draft Robert will be drafted, but I do know this:  this draft class has overall excellent talent, but a host of players coming out with character and work ethic issues.  This is not the case for Robert.   

Drew Boylhart