Ryan Kalil   OC   USC



Ryan has excellent athletic talent for his position.  He is in total control of the offensive line and has done a great job helping out his QB with his understanding of defenses.  He plays in a pro style offense and has no problems with the shotgun snap.  Ryan is very intelligent and makes the players around him better.  He shows good quickness out of his stance and has excellent feet to pull if you need him to.  Ryan has the athletic ability to play more than one position on the line and play them well.  He is an excellent center and his game translates very well to the next level. 



Right now, Ryan is more of a finesse center and the best fit for him would be a team with the west coast offense.  He struggles when a player plays right on his nose.  He needs to get stronger; he gets too high and loses leverage on his opponent.  He looks like he will not be able to put on too much more weight.  He’s slim in the hips, which usually means that it is difficult to add much more weight than he has right now.   



With all that being said, Ryan is a very good center and with the right team, could very well become a Pro Bowl center.  He will eventually get better with his techniques against a player who plays right over him -- make no mistake about that.  When he does, it will not matter what offense he’s in or what defense he’s up against.  Ryan is too smart to allow a weakness in his game to overshadow his potential of being an excellent all around center.  For purposes of this draft, teams that run a west coast offense should rate him higher than other teams and of course, this will make where Ryan is selected in the draft anyone’s guess.  I rate his talent as third round because I feel he is more suited to a certain type of offense.  That’s for the purposes of drafting him.  I think he is a first rate center and will impact right away if the fit is right.  If not, then he has to bulk up and get stronger before you see him on the field in the NFL.  Ryan has talent and leadership qualities; he’ll become an excellent center for the team that drafts him.

Drew Boylhart