Ryan McBean   DE/DT   Oklahoma St 


Ryan has an excellent burst off the line of scrimmage.  It’s a good enough burst to be used as DE in a 4-3 defense or in a 1-gap defense as a DT.  He uses his hands better than a Hollywood executive does when “interviewing” an actress for a part in a movie.  Ryan shows good balance and feet when he shoots the gap and pressures the QB.  He shows decent change of direction skills and burst to tackle from behind.  Ryan has played mostly DT for his college team, but I think he could project to a developmental DE or DT for the next level.



Ryan needs to learn how to defend against the run.  Right now, he plays the run more like a Linebacker does instead of a down lineman.  He has to learn how to stack them at the line so that others can make the tackle; also, he has to get stronger in his lower body so that he is not over-powered when the O-linemen run block.  Ryan also needs to learn more pass rushing moves to compliment the natural techniques that he uses right now. 



Ryan is a natural pass rushing talent and that, along with his size and burst, might get him drafted in the first day of this draft.  Since he is a developmental player, I am not ruling him out as a DT because he should be able to get bigger without losing much of his quickness.  If he can bulk up, this kid could be something special as a pass rusher.  He looks like he is a bit of a loner on the field and I suspect with his natural talent that so far, football has come easy to him, but there is no doubt about his passion to play or his intelligence.  If, after you interview him, you get a good feeling about his work ethic, don’t hesitate to draft the kid.  This type of quickness is rare in a player this size and his burst off the line is equal to Tommy Harris (DL Chicago Bears) when he came out in his draft.  I think this kid’s hand usage, burst and overall quickness translate very well to the next level and my feeling is that in a few short years he is going to impact and be considered one of the sleepers in this draft.  Like I said, he uses his hands better than a Hollywood executive --  do I dare call him Ryan (Hollywood) McBean?

Drew Boylhart