Sabby Piscitelli   S   Oregon St


Sabby is an excellent athlete and is a very smart player.  He has very good size, strength and speed to play the safety position.  Sabby excels in pass defense and shows very good leadership skills.  His cover skills will help the team that drafts him to take on those big WRís one-on-one the closer the opponents gets to the end zone.  Sabby has enough speed and smarts to be used as a single free safety and will be an intimidating presence on the field for a QB who wants to throw deep to take advantage of a single safety defense with play action.  Sabby can also cover those pass catching TEís and big slot receivers; he will be the reason a team starts to get a lot of coverage sacks.  He reminds me of Jason Sehorn (former S Garden St Giants).  He also has the same type of talent that Ko Simpson (S Buffalo Bills) had coming out in the draft last year.     



Sabby is not a great tackler.  He is a good, solid tackler but he is not a linebacker-type tackler.  I would not move him to OLB position just because of his size.  Iím sure he will try to improve his tackling. He will have more impact as a safety.    



If Sabby were a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler, he would be a 1st rounder for sure.  He is not an OLB because the closer he is to the line of scrimmage, the more you magnify the fact that he is more of a catcher than an attacker.  Donít get me wrong, you can use him in the box to help stop the run, but donít look for him to put anyone on their backs -Ė he is not that type of tackler.  Sabby reminds me a lot Jason Sehorn and is about as fast and as quick like Jason was.  I have no doubt that he might be able to handle some return duties like Jason did also.  Sabby is very smart and has a way of getting into the head of a QB, which is something that cannot be measured.  Last year, Ko Simpson did not get drafted until the fourth round, but he started every game as a rookie and I suspect Sabby might have the same thing happen to him.  I also suspect that Sabby will have the same impact for the team that drafts him as Ko has had for his team this year.  Go look at the stats and you will see that not many teams passed deep on the Bills last year and they used Ko in a lot of single safety formations so that Whitner could help out in run defense.   Sabby could have that same type of impact for the team that drafts him this year.

Drew Boylhart