Samson Satele   C/G   Hawaii



One of the most difficult blocks for a center to handle is the strength of this kidís game.  Samson is a powerful kid that plays with good leverage and excellent strength.  He is smart and has excellent leadership skills. Samson can handle a big nose tackle straight up in the passing game without any problems at all and like I said before, that is the hardest blocking technique for a center to deal with when playing his position.  He shows decent enough lateral agility to help out his guards in the double team and shows the mental stamina to deal with a full 16 game schedule without any problems.  For the right offense, Samson is a plug-in center for the team that drafts him. 



The areas in which Samson needs to improve will be very difficult for him to improve in because of his body type.  He has naturally wide hips, which reduces his ability to run in space and turn his body at the same time to block without almost slowing down to a stop.  Samson will also have problems going out to the next level to block a Linebacker and when he pulls for a sweep.  That being said, Samson is a perfect fit for a zone-blocking scheme. 



If Samson did not have difficulty in turning his hips, I would rate him as the top center in the draft.  Teams that use the zone-blocking scheme on offense might rate him as their top center; however, for the purposes of this draft and for all thirty-two teams, I cannot rate him as the top center in the draft.  He is strictly a system center and a damn good one.  If you are a team that deals with a lot of teams in your division that use a 3-4 defensive scheme, then you would be very smart to draft this kid early in the process.  He is a powerful, confident kid and in that scheme, he will be as impactful as Nick Mangold has been for the New Jersey Jets.  Samson has natural pass blocking abilities and although he is a powerfully built player, he is an excellent pass blocking offensive lineman.  I say this because when you look at him, you think automatically that he is going to be a better run blocker than pass blocker, but that cannot be further from the truth.  Because his hips are so wide, itís easy for him to set himself with strength and quickness into a perfect pass blocking stance.  All he has to worry about is a quick move laterally to help out with a double team or hand fighting the bull rush, which is another techniques that he does almost naturally.  The only question I have is how well does he handle playing in cold weather?  That is a big question for a kid coming from the big island!  Iím just not sure how a kid from Hawaii is going to handle playing for a team in New Jersey, Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or any other cold weather team, which could affect where this kid is drafted as well!  If your team drafts him, cold weather or not, donít worry.  He will be a good Center and start right away. 

Drew Boylhart