Scott Chandler   TE   Iowa



Scott is a very tall TE who has good hands to catch the ball.  He has a very tall presence on the field because he is a very tall TE.  He runs accurate, slow routes and catches the ball very well and oh, did I mention that he is a very tall TE?  He does an excellent job catching the ball and he runs slow, but good routes Ė oh, and he is tall. 



I donít think that Scott has his heart set on being a TE.  I think he thinks he is a WR.  The facts are that he is too slow and not aggressive enough to play either position at the next level.  He is slow, he doesnít get off the line and he refuses to learn to block or be aggressive in learning to block.  Scott is a tweener.  Thatís a player who doesnít have a position at the next level because he doesnít show the passion to learn. 



Scott has not improved in his play in college, so there is no reason to think that he will work hard and improve his play at the next level.  He wants to be a WR, but does not have the speed.  His team moved him to TE and as far as I can tell, he did not want to do it.  He does not like to block and he is not fast enough or aggressive enough to get out into his routes; he shows very little speed to stretch a defense down the slot.  However, he is tall and he can catch the ball.  If Scott wants to get his head out of his hindquarters and realize that for the next level, if he turns himself into an outstanding blocker, then he could become a solid TE for the team that drafts him.  I just donít see that happening.  I suppose because he is tall and can catch the ball that he will be drafted and given the chance.  I just think there are other players in this draft that are not as tall, but have more passion to play that I would draft before I would draft Scott.  I guess the temptation of a tall player to help the short equipment manager reach the upper shelves of the storage area will be too tempting for some teams to pass on.  So look for Scott to be drafted in one of the later rounds, I guess! 

Drew Boylhart