Steve Breaston   WR   Michigan



Steve has good talent, size and speed to play WR at the next level.  He has great special teams talent and does a solid job catching the ball.  His route-running skills are strong and he seems to be a smart player.  He does a good job running to gain yards after the catch and when he gets on a roll, he is a very hard receiver to stop from being one of the better players on the field. 



Steve is the same player that I saw on the field three years ago.  He has not gotten any bigger, faster or tougher.  He lacks confidence, is not very aggressive and seems to lose his concentration at the most inappropriate times of a game.  He has good speed, but he is not quick.  Steve seems to think that maybe he is better than he really is or at least thatís the impression he gives me when he is on the field. 



Steve has the talent to play in the NFL, but he does not show the toughness to be a possession receiver.  Because he has good speed, but is not quick, possession WR is his calling at the next level.  He is a special teams player with good potential to be a #2 or #3 WR.  I donít knowÖmaybe there is a team out there that is craving a player like this.  I see plenty of players with Steveís abilities on NFL rosters so I guess adding another one will not be noticed.  That is until itís a playoff game and the kid disappears or makes a fumble or two on special teams!  Then, he will be noticed.  Steve is an average WR who did nothing to improve himself while in college.  My wild guess is that he will be that same type of player in the NFL.  Steve will make a few big plays and impress the coaches just enough to make a team in the pre-season.  After that, your guess is as good as mine as to how well he will do. 

Drew Boylhart