Stewart Bradley   LB   Nebraska



Stewart is an excellent strong side LB.  He does a great job defending against the run and is athletic enough to stay with any TE in pass coverage at the college level.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler who always seems to be in the right place at the right time.  Stewart shows good change of direction skills and is a very smart LB that understands situational football.  He shows leadership skills and is a confident player who works hard on every play.  Stewart is coming off a knee injury from last year.  Every game I saw him in this year I saw more and more of his natural athleticism returning, so Iím guessing by the time he works out for the pro teams he should be just about back to full strength.  I have not seen Stewart play any other LB position, but something tells me that he could play any LB position, given some time.  Stewart might be the most complete and best LB in this draft.    



Iíd like to see how he would handle the MLB position.  Because of his knee injury, he is still not back to full speed, so when he works out, I do not expect his burst to be what it was before the injury; however, Iím sure it will return eventually.    



Trust me when I tell you that this kid is the most complete LB in this draft.  I noticed him at first when Barrett Ruud was playing for Nebraska.  I thought Stewart was a lot better than Ruud.  I believe that if Stewart had not gotten injured, he would have had as much positive press as Carriker got during the season.  Iíd love to see what this kid could do in the middle.  He is very smooth and quick and to be honest with you, he is easy to miss even though he is a big LB.  He handles the double team on a sweep around his size with ease.  He is smart and can shut down any TE that is up against him.  Iím guessing he runs in the 4.70 area, but his burst and change of direction skills allow him to play faster than he times.  Stewart plays with character, intelligence, passion and talent and thatís how I rate the players I like in the draft.  You guys can take the flashy juniors - Iíll stick with seniors that play team ball with excellent athletic talent.

Drew Boylhart