Tanard Jackson   CB/S   Syracuse



Tanard is a solid CB with good speed and size to play his position at the next level.  He is very smart and shows leadership qualities.  Tanard is an excellent tackler and because of this and his leadership skills, he could easily play more than one DB position.  Tanard looks like he has the size and bulk to handle coverage on RBs out of the backfield, TEs that run down the slot, and the bigger WRs that all the teams seem to have now.  He shows strong hands to intercept the ball and very good north-south speed and burst.  Because of Tanards versatility, Im sure once he starts to work out that teams are going to be very interested in drafting him.  Tanard reminds me a lot of Henry Jones a former cover safety for the Buffalo Bills.  



Tanard does not posses the quick twitch skills that are need to cover all kinds of WRs at the next level but he can cover and will be a good zone CB or maybe an impact FS.  His change of direction skills are a little slow and he can be beat deep but has the speed to tackle most WRs from behind.  WRs who run double move routes will always be a problem for Tanard to deal with athletically but as soon as he gains experience he should be able to handle defending that route better then he does right now.    



Tanard is a very good player and what he lacks in natural cover skills he makes up for with intelligence and instincts.  You can draft him and keep him as a CB but I think he would impact more from the FS position.  At that position you can take better advantage of his leadership skills and his straight line speed and burst.  As you get closer to your end zone he can take that bigger player TE or WR and cover him man to man with out any problems.  This kid is a quality kid and his versatility might push him into the later part of the first round.  That would not surprise me at all.  Learning a new position makes his LTI a little longer but the truth is picking him in the first round would be a smart pick for anybody needing DB help.

Drew Boylhart