Tank Tyler   DT   North Carolina St



Tank Tyler is an extremely athletic DT.  He just might be the quickest DT in this draft off the snap.  He is quick and has a variety of moves to shoot the gap and get into the backfield.  Tank has good size for his position to go along with his athletic talent.  He is a load to handle and can easily handle a double team.  Tank has the athletic talent to play in any kind of defensive front or any kind of defensive system.  He reminds me of Sam Adams (DT Cincinnati Bengals). 



The question is, ďIs this kid coachable?Ē  He seems to do just what he wants to do when he wants to do it on the field.  He is not a team player and I donít think he will ever understand the big picture.  He is very talented and if someone can harness that talent and make him understand that heís wasting it, then they just might get themselves a hell of a DT.  Itís a long shot.  Remember, it takes more than talent to play at the next level.  Character, maturity, mental strength and work ethic have to go hand in hand with talent. 



Tank has first round talent, but Iím not sure what round maturity is attached to.  He is a boom or bust player with a big kaboooom waiting to happen.  Like I said, he reminds me a lot of Sam Adams.  Sam, to this day, is an extremely un-coachable player.  He wants to play the way he wants to play and the hell with everyone else.   He can dominate a game when he wants to, but he will not be a worker bee.  He will not just take up space so others can get the credit.  DeMarcus seems to be the same way.  To me, it does not matter if DeMarcus has first round athletic talent.  What matters is that he has the whole package -Ė talent, character, maturity, mental stamina and coachability?   So what if he has first round talent?!  You must realize by now that if a player does not have these other attributes, he will fail.  Why would I pay first day money to a kid I know for a fact has a high probability of failure?  The only reason would be is because Iím spending someone elseís money!  Let me tell you this:  if I owned a team and one of my employees (GM, coaches or scouts) suggested that we should draft this kid any time in the first day of the draft - I would fire that guy right on the spot.   Talent should not be the prevailing reason to draft a player.  If it is, then your franchise will fail.   Do not spend first day money on a player with poor character issues and then expect a return on your investment.  Itís as big a gamble as if you were playing a slot machine.  The return is just enough to keep you playing those fancy looking slot machines and losing.

Drew Boylhart