Tarell Brown   CB   Texas



Tarell has very good size, strength and speed to play his position.  He is a solid cover corner with respectable zone and man-to-man cover skills.  He is a strong tackler and does a fine job coming up to support the run.  Tarell is the type of player that does well playing within a teamís defensive scheme and shows the athletic skills and quickness to be a #1 CB for the team that drafts him.  The problem is that Tarell has never stepped up for his college team and seems to have hit his peak.  That being said, it looks like he would be a solid #2 WR for the team that drafts him. 



I donít see the mental strength and consistency in Tarellís overall game to be more than a #2 CB for the next level.  I also did a search on Tarell and found out that he has been involved in some significant off field issues. 



Iím going to rate this kid exactly like I rated Brandon Merriweather (S Miami) in this draft. If you carry a gun, legal or not, it is a sign that you are involved with the wrong element.  Itís just that simple.  I donít care if you are a professional player or a college player.  Your lack of maturity and decision-making abilities are in question.  The only time a person who is in the public limelight should carry a gun is when they are hunting in the woods or Alaska or any other wilderness situation, but not in public going out to have a good time.  If you are a gun collector, I would think that you would be able to carry a gun, but we are talking about old antique guns and not .44 magnums.  If you are going out at night and you feel that you need to carry a gun (again, legal or not), then you are putting yourself in a position to use it and hanging around with people who will use one against you.  I donít care how many interceptions a player is projected to score, how many touchdowns a player is able to make or how much talent a player has, there is way too much talent in a draft to bother with players who are getting arrested for drugs and having guns on them.  In the real world, if you have a record and you apply for a job that pays you half the money that these kids are being paid, you will not be hired!  Why is it different in the NFL?  Why are these kids who break the law being allowed more chances than the average person in the real world?  For every Tarell Brown in a draft, there are at least ten to twenty players with as much talent and just as much potential to impact at the next level as this kid.  For me, personally, I would not draft this kid -- just like I would not draft Brandon Merriweather.  Let someone else get the benefit of these playersí future off field talents because there is not enough on field talent worthy of taking a chance on these players until free agency and they have proven that they can stay out of trouble and have grown up.  But thatís just me -- a guy who believes winners need to play on and off the field with character and intelligence.

Drew Boylhart