Ted Ginn   WR   Ohio St



Ted Ginn is an impact WR with the potential to be as good as Marvin Harrison (WR Colts).  His speed is scary because along with his speed, he has excellent quickness.  Ted is the type of player you have to game plan for just because he will be on the field.  He has good body control to adjust to the ball in the air and loves to catch the deep ball.  Ted is still learning the WR position and with his speed and potential to catch the deep ball, he will be a dangerous weapon for the team that drafts him. 



Ted has so much more to learn about his position.  He must bulk up without losing his speed and quickness.  He has to become more consistent catching the ball and running all the routes that are required of an NFL receiver -- not just the long ball.  He has to learn to deal with the bump coverages and just a whole bunch of other issues that at the college level do not matter because of his speed. 



Ted needs to become a student of the game to become a true NFL wide receiver Ė itís just that simple.  Right now, I think that he thinks heís just going to walk onto a NFL team and set the world on fire.  Itís very possible that because of his speed, this could happen until the rest of the NFL starts to concentrate on him and defend him.  Thatís when the wheels could come off really fast.  If Ted does not become a student of the game and learn the tricks of the trade, he runs the risk of being an average WR with great speed always ready to break out.  That old saying that you canít teach speed is true, but once you have speed at the NFL level, you need to be taught how to use it.  Ted should be a weapon at the next level, but it might take some time before he becomes a consistent weapon.  A weapon that will worry defensive coordinators like Marvin Harrison does.  A weapon that maybe some day will open the way for others on his team to be successful.  I think he will do it.

Drew Boylhart