Tim Crowder   DE   Texas


Tim has the prototypical size, strength, speed and burst off the line of scrimmage that all the NFL teams look for in a DE for the next level.  He has those nice long arms needed to keep those big offensive linemen off his body by a variety of pass rush moves.  Tim has the size needed to stop the run and the athleticism to string out the sweep to his side.  He has the look of the perfect DE for the next level. 



Tim needs to improve his effort, heart, mental toughness and consistency; he also must get stronger.  I donít think he can accomplish all that is needed of him to be successful at the next level.



Iím going to list Tim on the talent board as a seventh round pick and believe me, thatís a stretch.  Tim lacks enough sweat on his body during a game to locate him with an infrared scope from a helicopter.  He has the talent.  Let me say that once again Ė- he has the talent to be an impact player at the next level.  The problem is that he hasnít been an impact player at the college level.  To my knowledge, he is not playing with any injuries and if he is, then he should stop playing.  Iíll give this kid a seventh round grade because it will be cheaper to draft him than to pick him up in FA after the draft; however, the fact is for me personally, I would not draft him.  Remember, you draft a player on the information you have in front of you at the time of the draft.  If Iím wrong and Tim turns into this great DE once he is drafted, it still will not change my mind about personally drafting this kid.  He just is not putting out for his college team right now so I canít believe for one minute that he will all of a sudden, turn it on for the next level.   Even if he does, can you trust how long this newfound effort will last?  I could not.   

Drew Boylhart