Tony Hunt   RB/FB   Penn St



Tony is a very smart RB with good size and decent speed.  He is the type of back that will move the chains and does all the dirty work in picking up blitzing players and running the ball through the tackles.  He is a north-south runner that needs to keep his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage to gain his yards.  Tony is very dependable and does a good job catching the ball as an outlet receiver on third downs.  He shows leadership qualities by his play on the field.  Tony is a load to bring down and is the type of runner that will make more yards in the fourth quarter of a game than he will in the first quarter of a game.  He is a thirty carry a game back that will not break the big play, but runs with power and ease and will be the envy of every cold weather teamsí coaches who did not pick him in this draft.    



Tony must make sure he secures the ball.  His whole career will be affected if he has problems fumbling.  I would like to see him improve his burst and I think he can.  He has to be more consistent when he runs the ball and not get up too high.  A good RB coach can improve all of these issues and I donít suspect that Tony will have a problem correcting them at all.    



My big concern with Tony is his burst.  If he is not quick enough to the line and through the hole, he will most likely become more of a fullback than a running back.  Iím rating him as a second round talent because I think he has the burst, but it needs to be developed.  Tony strikes me as the type of kid that is a hard worker so I donít believe that this will be a problem.  Cold weather teams that have a turf field should look really hard at this kid because he will be an asset in the fourth quarter of a tight game when you need to take time off the clock.  He has the power to break tackles and understands situational football.  In an offense that uses a play action vertical game, Tony should be a hell of a weapon in the backfield.  Tony reminds me of a fullback that the 49erís had when the true WCO was in its prime.  He reminds me a lot of Tom Rathman who played the FB position, but the fullback position was more of an H/back Ė RB Ė FB position.  Tom did a little of everything and Tony has those same abilities.  Tom was an intricate part of the success of the 49erís offense, a sort of unsung hero.  Now I donít expect that any coaches in the NFL are going to recognize the need to use Tony in that same capacity, but if they did, he would become invaluable to his team.   Most likely in todayís  ďthrow a player to the wolves and let him sink or swimĒ attitude, Tony will be a power RB and a pretty good one at that.

Drew Boylhart