Tony Ugoh   OT/OG   Arkansas



Tony is a big, powerful kid.  He is very strong blocking for the running game.  He shows good mental toughness and is a very dependable blocker.  Tony has strong feet and once he latches on to you, he is going to move you wherever he wants to move you.  He has a good power step and is quick enough to stone an opponent out of his stance and make him redirect right on the line of scrimmage.  Tony has played the left tackle position for his college team and has done a good job, but for the next level, he will be more suited to the right side of an offensive line where a team can use Tonyís strength and determination in blocking in the running game to their advantage.    



He will improve because he looks like he wants to improve, but he does have some athletic limitations.  He just doesnít have very good lateral agility and he must become quicker out of his stance to play the guard position.  He is a bit of a mauler and must improve his overall pass rushing techniques.  Tony also has to become more consistent with his footwork when he run blocks.  Right now, he is off balance and loses leverage, but because of his strength and ability to keep his balance, he is able to get away with it at the college level.   



Tony is not going to be a great pass-blocking RT or LT.  He is more of a fit as a RG for a cold weather team that likes to run the ball.  He is not a fit for a spread offense or the West Coast offense.  Tony will most likely start out as a RG if a team that needs him on the field right away drafts him.  Eventually, he will be moved out to the RT position because Iím not sure he will be quick enough out of his stance at the RG position when he pass blocks.  Tony should be a solid offensive lineman that excels blocking for the run and this makes him a system lineman that could go in a number of different rounds depending on the need of teams that have the system he will fit in.  He should be a solid RG or RT and will become a core player for the team that drafts him.

Drew Boylhart