Travarous Bain   CB   Hampton



Travarous has excellent athletic and one-on-one cover skills.  He has very good size and quickness; he does a solid job going up and looking for the interception.  He is a smart kid and, at the level of competition he played, it was very easy for him to compete because of his size and overall athleticism.  Travarous has that quick-twitch cover ability and along with his size, I would think the scouts would be very interested in him for the next level. 



The questions I have of Travarous are strictly related to bulk and strength to handle the bigger players at the next level.  The bigger WRs are going to move this kid around and the QBs are going to be able to fool this kid into making a lot of mistakes.  How well will Travarous be able to mentally handle failure in the first few years of the NFL?  Corner is hard to play coming from a big time program, much less a smaller program like Hampton.  My other concerns would be handling a sweep around his end and, in general, his tackling. 



Travarous might be taken on the first day of this draft because of his size, speed and overall athletic talent; however, this is going to be a big jump for this kid to handle and Im not sure he has it in him mentally or physically.  Right now, Travarous is a very good cover corner and things on the field come easy for him.  He has great cover skills, but thats not all there is to playing at the next level.  You have to be a team player, know how to play zone and tackle and also be able to play bump and run.  You have to match up against WRs that are as talented as you are but, in a lot of cases, are stronger and bigger.  Travarous dominated play on the field in his college game without blinking, but the level of athletic talent of QBs and WRs that he has gone up against are not anywhere near his athletic talent.  Now most of you are going to say, why do you feel that his teammate Justin Durant can handle the difference in the level of competition but Travarous will struggle?  The reason is Justin plays with intelligence and talent -- Travarous is just using his talent.  That is not to say that Travarous is not a smart player, but it does tell me that he will have to learn his own strengths and weakness first and then learn how to compensate for them mentally to impact athletically.  Justin already does this and Travarous does not.  Travarous is just a better athlete than the other players on the field which is why he impacts at the college level.  Travarous has a lot to learn at the next level - first about himself and then new techniques for him to be a solid player, much less an impact player.  If a team takes their time and lets him grow into the pro game, Travarous will be a pretty good player.  However, if you take him in the first day and put him on the field too quickly, he will never make it.  Hence a 5th round talent grade on him because of his LTI. 

Drew Boylhart