Trent Edwards   QB   Stanford



Trent is a pure drop-back QB whose talents translate very well to the next level.  He has a good arm and can make most of the throws with decent accuracy.  He shows good leadership skills and looks like he is a solid teammate.  Trent reminds me of Damon Huard (QB Kansas City Chiefs). 



Trent has big time troubles handling pressure and does not make very good decisions when he is under duress.  He has trouble moving in the pocket and giving himself extra time to make a play; he also holds on to the ball too long.  He has a history of shoulder injuries along with leg injuries that need to be checked out. 



Trent first needs to get with a good QB coach and start off from scratch.  Of course, that would be after his shoulder that has been injured more than once is checked out.  This kid needs to take dancing lessons and learn how to move his feet.  I suggest he learn the fox trot a simple 1, 2, 3, - 1, 2, 3, so that he understands moving your feet to sidestep a player who is ready to take your head off is a good thing, not a bad thing!  I know that he did not have a very good line, but really!  When Trent played, he did pretty well and looked the part except when he threw long.  He had a lot of air under his passes, but that could be because of technique and not necessarily because he has a bad arm.   But, who knows for sure?  Maybe it was because of arm strength!  I guess if he is healthy and can work out, that is when we will find out about his arm strength.  Thatís if someone can find it in their heart to tell us the truth about the workout!  My guess is that if he has some very good workouts, we will hear nothing about them until after the draft and the team that drafts Trent will tell us about them.  If his workouts are bad, Iím sure his agent will tell us all how good he did to try to move him up and into one of the later rounds of this draft.  Trentís LTI is a long ways out there and personally, for me, I would let someone else do all the work and then look at him when his first contract is up with his original team.  At one time, before all the injuries, Trent might have been a first day pick because he had talent that you could work with; however, his current injuries and lack of mobility and pocket sense make all of that a big question mark.

Drew Boylhart