Troy Smith   QB   Ohio St



Troy Smith is a hell of a QB.  He is a pocket passer that knows how and when to move out of the pocket.  He has a strong arm and when his mechanics are right, he has an accurate arm.  Troy has a very good over the top throwing motion that makes his ball easy to see coming out of the pocket.  He has a nice touch on the ball to make all the throws and the athleticism to get in the right position to make the difficult throws.  He makes good decisions, reads defenses and call his own audibles.  He makes the players around him better and through his example, demands they perform their best on every play.  Troy shows excellent leadership qualities and is in total control of the offensive players and the game plan when he is on the field.  Troy Smith is a hell of a QB. 



The scouts are going to say he is too small – I say, “Bull!”  The scouts are going to say he has character issues – I say, “Bull!”  His height is not an issue because of his overhand delivery and his athleticism to move in the pocket.  His character issues to my knowledge are not drug related nor has he murdered anyone.  Troy got in a fight in a parking lot and got involved with a booster that may have or may not have given him money for a no show job.  Both issues are maybe stupid, but not enough not to draft him.  We are not talking Maurice Clarett here!  Troy still has to improve in all phases of his game, but I like what I see for the next level.  His game translates very well to the NFL. 



What I like about Troy is that he is a pocket passer first and when he moves out of the pocket, he looks to pass first and run later.  I like his leadership skills and his “I will do anything to win” attitude.  I like his arm strength and the improvement in his overall game during his junior and senior years.   I like that he reads defenses and as far as his lack of perfect height, I say, “COACH BETTER!”  Let’s count how many tall QB’s have failed in this game.  I mean really, do we blame their height for them failing?  After all, are they too big?  Is that why they failed?  Did Ryan Leaf fail because he was too tall?  Give me a freaking break!  Is the reason for a small QB who is winning because of his height?  Or is it because he is playing well?  Let me explain this to all of you so called “experts” out there:  height or lack of height has nothing to do with how successful you will be in the NFL!  Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers) is not a dangerous WR because he is small.  He is a dangerous WR because he is good and wants to be good.  Troy Smith wants it.  He wants it bad and I think he will be an excellent QB for the team that drafts him.  I call him Troy (Bull) Smith because that height excuse is a lot of Bull!  Troy (Bull) Smith is a hell of a QB.

Drew Boylhart