Turk McBride   DT   Tennessee



Turk has good size, strength and quickness to be a 1-gap DT or a DE in a 3-4 defense.  He has played in more than one position on the line and in doing so, he is one of the more complete D-linemen in this draft.  Turk does a good job defending against the run and in the right defense, has an excellent burst off the line to give the team that drafts him a great pass rush.  He is a very good fit for the new 1-gap attack defenses that are becoming so popular in the NFL.  He has the strength to hold his gap and the balance and quickness to burst through quickly, disrupting the blocking assignments of the opposing offensive linemen.  If the right team drafts him, he will impact for them in his first year. 



I donít think that he can get much bigger than he is right now, so he is a system D-lineman and if a team that plays a 4-3 defense drafts him, it will be hard for Turk to be anything but average.  So take the hint and donít draft him if you play a 4-3 defense!  Thatís not to say that you could not develop into a 4-3 DT, itís just that Turk is a better fit and will impact quicker in the right defense for him. 



Turk is a player who has played more than one position on the defensive line and has played them all very well.  Because he has not played one position and been outstanding in that position, he is being overlooked in this draft.  He is the type of player that could easily drop to the second day of this draft.  Playing more than one position on the D-line seems to be a negative to most teams, but to me, it shows character and intelligence.  My theory about players who play multiple positions and play them all well is to not worry about what position they will play at the next level.  If they have the athletic talent and they play with passion, donít worry about the position -- just draft them as fast as you can and worry about the position later on.  Players like Turk are excellent players to have on your team and, in most cases, will be impact players once they find the right position.  So donít downgrade themÖin fact, upgrade them!  In most cases, you will not be sorry. 

Drew Boylhart