Tyler Palko   QB   Pittsburgh



Tyler is a pure football player.  He has a good arm and throws with accuracy on the move or in the pocket.  He is an excellent leader and shows total control of the team on the field at all times.  He reads defenses and calls his own audibles.  He has that I will do anything to win attitude that is lacking from a lot of professional football players nowadays.  Tyler has good quickness; he moves well in the pocket and is not afraid of pressure.  He plays with that fear of failure that all the good players have, which helps to make them successful.  Tyler Palko reminds me a lot of Jim Kelly (QB Buffalo Bills) in his leadership and stubbornness, but he also reminds me a lot of Doug Flutie with his I will do anything to win attitude.  



The things that make great QBs are also the very same things that can break a QB.  Tyler is stubborn, sometimes to a fault.  Sometimes he gets so upset with himself that he doesnt listen to his coaches.  He takes too much on his own shoulders, will force the ball at times into double coverage and also holds onto the ball too long trying to make a play.  This is all normal for a young QB, but the difference in most young QBs and Tyler is that Tyler does not fold up in the fetal position on the sidelines after he makes mistakes.  Thats why I know hell learn to control all of these issue - eventually! 



Tyler might wind up being the best QB from this class in years to come.  He is the type of kid that could throw five interceptions in a half and then lead his team back in the second half by throwing five TDs.  I believe that Tyler eats, breathes and sleeps football.  He just loves everything about playing the QB position.  He loves the physical part of the position, the mental pressure and challenges of the position.  He loves the locker room and the give and take of his teammates and his coaches, he just loves it all.  I see this when he plays on the field.  I see it when he yells at a teammate.  I see it when he thanks his teammates for their great play.  I see it when he challenges his coaches and when he calls his own plays at the line of scrimmage.  Do not draft Tyler Palko if you are not a good, smart coach.  He will run over you emotionally and leave you for dead right there on the field for everyone to see.  He will insist that you put out your best effort when you play with him or against him.  Tyler Palko has it.  I have no clue where he will be taken in this draft because most coaches will be afraid of him.  He might not even be drafted in the first three rounds!  They will come up with a whole bunch of excuses to downgrade him because he is a bit of a cowboy.  For me personally, I would put my coaching career on the line and draft this kid.  He will run your team someday like Peyton Manning runs his team.  I would just hope that he did while I was still the coach of the team and not after I got fired.  Still, with all of the positives and negatives, if I were picking in the top ten of this draft and needed a QB of the future, I would be very tempted to trade down, pick up an extra pick and then draft this kid.  Then I would go home and tell my wife to get ready, baby, because for the next few years, we are in for a wild ride.  The problem is that she might be praying that I am referring to some bedroom activity.  I just hope she wont be too disappointed when she finds out what I really meant.

Drew Boylhart