Will Herring   OLB/S   Auburn



Will has excellent character, intelligence, passion and talent to play more than one position at the next level.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler and shows good leadership qualities.  Will is a football player; he has the change of direction skills and burst to be an excellent LB in the new 1-gap attack defense that the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears play.  He might be able to bulk up a little bit more and even play MLB in this style of defense.  Will is very much under the radar because he changed positions this year.  He improved every time I saw him play and in the meantime, continued to hold the respect of his teammates and be one of the leaders of the team.  This is a quality kid who has the athleticism to play at the next level.  Overlooking him in a draft that is lacking impact talent at the OLB position is a mystery to me! 



He is still learning the OLB position, but his intelligence should make his LTI less than most players changing positions for the next level. Right now, Will is a system LB and might be downgraded because of this, but the truth is that downgrading him is a big mistake. 



I will never understand how players like this get missed, but they do.  Maybe there is some underlying reason for it, but I just do not see it myself.  This is a quality kid with the athletic talent to play at the next level and just because he moves from one position to another, he gets downgraded.  Will reminds me a lot of Keith Ellison LB. He has been as impacting a player for his team at the free safety position and changed to the OLB position just this year.  Yes, he did struggle catching on to the OLB position, but Will improved during the year.  Personally I think Will Herring has as much potential to impact at the next level as any other OLB in this draft.  I will agree that Willís LTI might be a little longer, but the truth is that Will has more pure athletic talent than most of the OLBís that will be taken ahead of him.  This is a special player and when you watch him closely on the field, you see the intelligence to his game.  Right now I guess Iím the only one who seems to see it in this draft.  Whatís wrong with me?

Drew Boylhart