Yamon Figurs   WR/ST   Kansas St



Yamon is a special team coach’s dream come true.  He is as quick and as fast as a bullet that ricochets off a brick building.  This kid is tough and strong and loves making the big play.  He is a damn good WR also.  He shows excellent quickness in and out of his breaks and runs routes so fast that you have no choice but to play zone against him.  He is a tough kid and will catch most everything you throw to him; for his size, he shows excellent strength.  In short, this kid is a defensive coordinator’s match up nightmare on third and long and he is a weapon on special teams. 



He is strong, but he is very slight and injuries will always be a concern.  He is a perfect fit as a slot receiver, but will struggle as a starting wide out.  He will struggle with the bump and run and will get pushed off his routes by bigger CB’s and Safeties. 



Yamon will not be drafted this high because of his size and the injury factor, but the truth is that he has the same talent as any small WR at the NFL level right now and will impact just on special teams alone the day after you draft him.  He is a playmaker, a touchdown maker and can flip a field on special teams quicker than you can pronounce his name.  Yamon will win games for you the first year he plays and when a player can have that kind of impact, I have to list them in the second round.  You tell me -- what other second round pick could have that type of impact?  We take a player like Yamon for granted in the draft because of his size.  Most people did it last year with Maurice Jones Drew (RB drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars --see archives for profile).  As a coach in the NFL, you can no longer look at a kid who can win games for you as soon as you draft him and wait until the later rounds to pick him up.  He can make a bad team competitive.  He can make a bad team a playoff team.  That is the type of affect he can, and will, have on a team.  So, if you are a team that did not get into the playoffs last year, then I suggest in the second or third round you realize the importance that a kid like Yamon can have for your team and your job.  Think of it this way -- if you pick him, you will not have to move your family to another city and start all over again!  He will be the reason the owner will extend your contract.  I call him Yamon (Ricochet) Figurs because he’s as quick and fast as a bullet when it ricochets off a brick building.  The fans are going to love this kid.  

Drew Boylhart