Zack Miller   TE   Arizona St



Zack is a very solid and dependable TE in all phases of his position.  He shows on film that he has good size and strength for his position.  He does a good job blocking and does a good job getting his feet under him to keep his balance when blocking.  He has enough speed to split the safeties and catch the ball down the field.  Zack catches the ball well with his hands and does a good job securing the ball.  In this draft Zack is the only TE that has the talent, mental toughness, passion, intelligence and character to improve and become a complete TE at the next level.    



Zack just needs to continue to get better and bigger.  He gets too high when he blocks for the run and looses leverage.  But this is normal and can be corrected. Over all Zack just needs the normal coaching and repetitions at the next level to improve.  He should not have any problems at all.    



In a normal draft there would be more then one TE that has the talent that Zack has.  In this draft there are none and that makes Zack a valuable commodity that a few teams in the latter part of the 1st round will want.  Zack is a good TE that can catch the ball and block with solid athletic skills.  He is the type of TE that you do not have to take off the field in certain situations - so that makes him as I said before a very valuable commodity.   Zack needs to improve his blocking but just about every TE coming out has to do that.  The key question for most TEs coming out in the draft is - does the player have the athletic talent to improve his blocking?  In this case I believe that Zack has that kind of talent and in the future should be one of the better all around TEs in the NFL.    

Drew Boylhart