Drew Boylhart February 2008
Adarius Bowman   WR   Oklahoma St          
Adarius is a big, powerful WR with strong hands, good speed and the overall size to make him a match-up nightmare for any CB, Safety or LB at the next level.  He runs good routes and understands how to shield off a smaller, quicker CB from jumping the slant routes that will make or break this kid at the next level.  He does a solid job blocking for the sweep and looks to be a good teammate.  Adarius has the athletic talent and ability to be the Top WR in this draft, but right now he is not. 
First, Adarius is coming off a knee injury and is not all the way back from it.  He also struggles catching the ball, but I feel this can be corrected.  I believe he may have a  problem with his eyes, causing issues with his depth perception.  I think Adarius also struggles learning and remembering his assignments.  This might be attached to the eye problem that I have noticed.  I think this kid is proud and has trouble asking for help.  This is just a gut instinct on my part, but thatís what I sense is the problem because the kid has the talent.  A search of Adarius showed some character and maturity issues that need to be investigated by the team that wants to draft him.  
There is a ton of talent wrapped up in this kid, but between his dropping balls, knee injury and character issues, you have to wonder where this kid is going to fall in this draft.  I donít get a feeling that this kid is a bad kid, but I do get the feeling that he is easily influenced and sometimes that is just as bad.  He definitely has a problem with his eyes.  The reason I say this is because the ball is hitting off his hands, not bouncing off.  Itís like he is not expecting the ball to be on him so quickly.  When the workouts come, I suspect Adarius is not going to do well unless he has his eyes checked.  If his eyes are healthy, then I canít tell you what this kidís problems are.  He is an athlete and I just canít believe that he canít catch a ball -- it doesnít make any sense.  If Adarius has not been working out and doing his rehab like he should, he will struggle big time when the Senior Bowl and combine come up.  This is a maturity problem and to tell you the truth, if this kid embarrasses himself, it might be the best thing to happen to him.  It just might be the thing to give him the incentive he needs to grow into the player his talent suggests that he should be.  This kid could be the Godzilla of Wide Receivers if he gets these issues straightened out.  I think if he is there in the second round or late in the first, you have to take a chance on him.  He really has top ten talent, but these issues have held him back.  With a character/maturity problem, you also have to wonder what a load of money will do to this kidís psyche!  In spit of all these questions, Iím still going to give him a nickname.  Iím calling him Adarius (Godzilla) Bowman because he could be the Godzilla of wide receivers if he gets his head out of his hindquarters and his eyes fixed.