Drew Boylhart November 2007

Andre Woodson   QB   Kentucky



Andre has excellent arm strength and can make all the throws for the next level.  He is a strong drop-back QB with very good size and awareness.  He has solid leadership skills for the college level.  Andre has solid awareness when it comes to reading defenses and does a good job at calling audibles and going through his progressions at the snap of the ball.  He plays with great pride and believes he is a quality QB; this confidence should help him at the next level.  Andre is an excellent college level QB, but Iím not profiling players for the college level. 



For the next level Andre will have to work very hard on a quicker release.  He winds up and takes way too long to throw the ball.  When he gets college pressure in the pocket, he becomes erratic when delivering the ball.  Andre does not throw with accuracy when he is forced out of the pocket because of his wind-up release.  At the next level, the pass rush is much faster and Andre does not have a prayer with the long release.  I also question Andreís leadership qualities.  This team is an excellent team with a very good coach and I feel Andre is benefiting from this.  His team and coaches step up to the challenges before Andreís personal play on the field steps up.  Thatís not a leader, thatís a person who follows.  



Andre does not have a prayer at the next level if he does not shorten up his delivery.  If he continues to take as long as he does throwing the ball and making his drops, he will become very erratic and have accuracy problems at the next level.  He reminds me a lot of Byron Leftwich and will have the same problems as Byron at the next level.  Andrť may be too stubborn to learn quickly if he does not agree with what is being told to him.  He may also have a problem with correcting bad habits even if he wants to once the pressure is on.  He seems to be a little sensitive, which may hurt him at the next level.  Andre is a smart kid, but sometimes gives in to his own stubbornness.  He listens to his coaches now, but early in his career he struggled accepting criticism.  How do I know this, you ask?  I have watched him for the last three years and although Iím impressed with his improvement in this area, I fear this issue could become a problem at the next level if he is going through some hard times.  Andre looks like a good kid and looks to have excellent work habits and can succeed if he understands that winding up before you throw is alright in baseball, but not desired in football.  Most of the time, a QB with a long release will fail at the next level.  If Andre does not learn to release the ball faster, his ass is grass in the pocket at the next level.  Teams with a playĖaction offense might be interested in Andre as a developmental QB.  If he can work on his wind-up delivery and cut it down a bit, he has a chance to be a quality QB because he looks like he is a person with excellent character and work habits.