Drew Boylhart February 2008
Anthony Alridge   WR   Houston
There is nothing not to like about the way Anthony plays the game of football.  He is quick and fast and has excellent hands.  He runs great routes and looks to be very smart.  Anthony will put his body on the line to make a play and is a good blocker.  He will be an excellent return man for the team that drafts him because he has the ability to score from anywhere on the field at any time.  I call him Anthony (Lightning) Alridge because he can score a TD as quick as lightning can strike.      
Anthony is vertically challenged and will need to bulk up.  The truth is Anthony is a specialty player and not a starter.  He is a match-up nightmare as a slot WR, but will have problems as a full time WR because of his lack of bulk to take the pounding. 
Like I said, Anthony is a match up nightmare for defensive coordinators.  As a slot receiver, he is too fast for a LB to cover and too quick for most safeties.  If you put him in motion and keep him away from the bump and run, he will kill a defense on third down.  Anthony has fun when he plays, but donít be fooled -- this kid plays hard on every down and on every play.  He seems to handle the pressure of responsibility with ease.  In fact, he likes the limelight but not in a way that it shows up his teammates.  He seems to be very team oriented.  Anthony is a specialty player who can impact a game without touching the ball a whole hell of a lot.  Drafting player with Anthonyís talents in the second or third round is one of the smartest things a team can do.  You add speed and quickness to your third down offense as well as to your Special Teams return game, which is impacting two areas of your team with one draft choice.  Do you really expect to do more than that when you draft a player in a draft?  Anthony (Lightning) Alridge can score a TD as quick as lightning can strike.