Drew Boylhart February 2008
Anthony Collins   OT    Kansas
Anthony has excellent size and strength as well as solid athletic talent to be a starting offensive tackle in the NFL.  He does a good job blocking for the pass and the run.  Anthony has an inner strength that shows when he plays.  He shows leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  He has the talent to play either side of the offensive line as a tackle and I believe that in the future with good coaching, he will become a hell of a left or right tackle for the team that drafts him.   
Anthony has to become more patient and trust his techniques when he starts to get beat.  Right now, he panics and loses all sense of the blocking scheme when he feels that he is going to get beat when pass blocking.  In the NFL, when he starts to panic he will commit a lot of penalties and this will get him on the bench quicker than losing his techniques will.  Anthony has to become more patient and confident in his play and not let a mistake bother him and snowball into other mistakes. 
This kid is on a mission to be a starting NFL offensive lineman.  You can see it on the field.  He likes to intimidate his opponent with his play and toughness.  His attitude and body language on the field reminds me a little of Anthony Munoz.  He is not the athlete that Munoz was, but he could be as dominating.  Anthony should start out on the right side with an experienced TE to help him over the rough spots and keep him on an even keel.  I believe that later on in his career, he could be switched to the left side and I have no doubt that he will do a good job.  I can see this kid working out at the combine and gaining the attention of a lot of teams that might be willing to draft him in the latter part of the first round.  If a team that needs a RT and has an experienced TE drafts Anthony, then I could see him starting right away.  His LTI will be short if he decides to be patient with himself.  If Anthony is not patient and does not carry what he learns in practice onto the field, it will take him a good three to four years to become a starting NFL offensive lineman.   It will be all up to Anthony.  He has the talent the question is will he have the patience?  This kid should be a very good player for the team that drafts him and could turn into a Pro Bowl player in the future.