Drew Boylhart November 2007
Antoine Cason   CB   Arizona


Antoine has excellent size, strength and speed to play multiple DB positions for the team that drafts him.  He is a good tackler and has excellent intelligence to go along with some good leadership skills.  Antoine is an excellent zone cover corner who understands match-up zone coverage better than most CBs that are in the NFL right now.  He also has solid man-to-man cover skills, but his true strength is his intelligence and ability to understand zone coverage like a coach on the field.  Antoine has the size and strength to cover those big WRs and pass catching TEs that every team is looking for and also has the ability to move inside in nickel and dime situations.  He has the talent to match-up as a cover CB on an island against those tall WRs in the red zone.  I call him Antoine (The Brain) Cason.  Do I really need to explain?

Antoine is not going to cover those little bug-like WRs and he will be susceptible to double moves because he has those long legs that will always make it difficult to recover quickly.  This is not a real problem because Antoine can overcome this issue with his intelligence.


I am not sure I have ever seen a kid that has a better understanding of zone coverage than this kid. He doesnt take false steps, he knows exactly where he is on the field and he understands when to let the WR go in the zone. He also understands when a team floods his zone, what player is his priority and does not get confused.  Antoine likes the play in front of him and because he is a good tackler, he could easily play the Free Safety position in a single safety defensive scheme.  He has good man-to-man cover skills, but he excels in zone coverage along with excellent leadership skills.  When you draft Antoine, you will be drafting a player who will keep your DBs all on the same page on every snap.  If I were in the same division as the Detroit Lions, Antoine would be very high on my list.  He will be able to cover that fade route against the larger WRs without a problem and that alone is worth drafting him.  Antoine will have some difficulty covering one on one players like Steve Smith, Roscoe Parrish, Randle El, but as I have been saying throughout this profile, he is also smart enough that when he has to cover those type of WRs, they better run their routes correctly because he will jump all over any mistakes they might make.  Im calling him Antoine (The Brain) Cason because he is like a coach on the field.